Is Italian Fashion School right for you?



Are you of age 14 +, interested to start learning about fashion?

Do you like to make fashion sketches and would like know how to "bring them to life"?

Would you like to know how to design and sew custom clothing?

Do you want to be located just minutes from a major global fashion capitol?

Are you looking to start your own clothing line?

Do you own a clothing store and would like to know how to alter clothes for your clients?

Do you want to study fashion at a school which regularly has employers reaching out, asking for graduates?

Our courses are more affordable than you think!



If you answered "Yes" to any of these, then Italian Fashion School can help you achieve these dreams.


Italian Fashion School courses teach students pattern making and dressmaking using the skills that are used by professionals in Paris, London, and Milan, the fashion capital of the world.

These major fashion cities all have one thing in common: they produce high-quality, tailored clothing, which requires a vast knowledge in pattern making.

Italian Fashion School strives to share the knowledge from experiences in these fashion capitals with its students, in a very private and hands-on environment.

Small class sizes ensure that students get the attention they need and deserve while working on a projects.

Italian Fashion School offers afternoon classes which are perfect for after school programs for students interested in fashion!


Student-to-faculty ratio: 5:1